Laravel: Access EventServiceProvider listeners from PHP

So i came across a situation where i wanted to access the listeners array of \App\Providers\EventServiceProvider, and here’s what i did.

I didn’t just need to print the php artisan event:list, i needed to compare that list with some value i had. Apparently there was a way to access a provider using the app()->getProvider() command, and the code was:


That syntax will return an array of providers, you can either foreach that or make it into a collection and return the first value

# Example 1 
foreach(app()->getProviders(EventServiceProvider::class) as $_provider);

# Example 2

Both work however i didn’t need to loop through that, i only needed the first one, so i went for Example 2.

Now to access the listeners simply use the listens() method inside the provider;

 $Listeners = collect(app()->getProviders(EventServiceProvider::class))
->first() # The first item in collection
->listens() # Listens(), belongs to getProviders() method.

That’s it, i hope you find that useful.