How to change PHP version in WHM/cPanel

Change your PHP Version in WHM

  • Login to your WHM using the default port 2087.
  • On the left sidebar locate MultiPHP Manager.
  • You will find a tab that says System PHP Version, under that you will find the selected php version for the whole system.
  • Press the Edit button next to it and choose the PHP version you want.
  • In case you cannot find the PHP version you’re looking for, then you will probably need to install it in the EasyApache page first.
  • In case you want to change the PHP version for a specific site, then you will need to scroll down a little and you will find a table which contains all the domains you have on that server. One of the columns contain a PHP Version list, choose one.

How to Change PHP Version from cPanel

  • Login to you cPanel page (usually at port 2083 or
  • If you are allowed to change the PHP Version from your cPanel then you will find MultiPHP Manager, click that. But if you cannot find that Feature then you will need to contact your server’s administrators to change it for you and to enable that feature.
  • You will find a table with the domains you have on that account in case you have more than one domain/subdomain there, select the ones you want to change.
  • On the top you will find a dropdown list which says PHP Version. Choose one then click Apply.